Central Bank Summit 2020

2020 Central Bank Summit 2020 Central Bank Summit

With topical discussions, Central Bank delegates enjoyed a unique opportunity to discuss various subjects related to the cash cycle in round table groups. The delegates discussed their challenges, analysed case studies, expound on their own experience and ideas, and shared their views on the latest technologies and innovations.

A Journey to Cash Automation - National Bank of Rwanda

Since November 2015, National Bank of Rwanda acquired High speed cash processing machines (BPS M7). This aimed at improving operational efficiency, faster and accurate accounting, improve planning, monitoring and control as well improving the counting and sorting of deposits from commercial banks. The acquisition of cash processing solution contributed to the decrease of issuance of fresh notes minimizing the cost printing compared to four previous years. In the beginning of 2017-18 financial year we started with the state of the art project of vault automation, including Standard Transport Unit for Cash and Compass VMS (Cash Management System). We will also discuss the key facts about Rwanda, the current Cash Cycle Trends Globally, and where the MEA Region is today and in general, the benefit of automation as a destination for better cash management, we will also take this opportunity to share our experience in putting in place our Currency management policy and also share our journey of going through the process of implementing ISO Quality Management System(QMS) certification which has been obtain recently by our Bank: Our Currency management Processes towards service delivery have been certified.

New 10 Lari - The Final Piece in the Jigsaw

This presentation describes the decision-making process and some of the policy considerations behind the design and launch of the upgraded banknotes, from the perspective of the National Bank. These range from the early stages of selecting the main trends to the development of an information campaign and the process of getting the market ready for accepting the new banknotes

Currency Management:Risk Assessment

By its nature, currency management involves potentially high risks. Furthermore, currency is the most important touch point for a central bank with its public, and therefore plays a key role in the reputation and public perception of the central bank. The presentation will address the basic principles of a risk assessment, outline the major risks to the business continuity of cash departments and provide examples of contingency planning and crisis management.