Innovation Sessions

Sponsor Innovation Breakout Sessions showcase new products and best practices for efficient cash handling, forecasting, and more. Delegates have dedicated time throughout the program to continue their conversations with top suppliers in our Sponsor Exhibition where breaks and receptions will be held for continued delegate education.
Unlike a typical tradeshow environment, the intimate atmosphere of the MEA Cash Cycle Seminar, with its focus on developing connections with one another, encourages meaningful engagement between clients and suppliers to allow strong business relationships to flourish.
We have a range of sponsorship opportunities including exhibiting, non-exhibiting, and branding to suit all budgets. Let us know if you are interested and we will be happy to provide a proposal tailored to your needs. Contact Tom Mitchell, Global Sponsorship Manager, for details.


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Breakout 1: Evolution of the cash cycle

A journey through cash cycle management today: From efficient cash centre operations and innovative automation, to the future of currency in a digital world. Managing the presenting and shaping the future.

Breakout 2: Data is Key

How software solutions can increase efficiency, security and make cash competitive.

Using data analytics to inform strategic decision making

For some time now, the cash management cycle has been generating ever increasing amounts of data. The key question facing businesses today is not how to generate more data, but how to extract and use that data. This session will provide a practical insight, using the latest technologies, into the types of data that can be extracted and, most importantly, how that data can be turned into useful information to improve performance, support decision making and influence and inform strategy.

Using technology to support collaboration between central banks and the commercial sector

The most effective management of end-to-end cash cycle management is achieved when central banks and the commercial sector work together. This session will use case studies where solutions have need designed and deployed using common and shared toolsets, to the benefit of both the central bank and the commercial banking sector. We will explore what these benefits are, and where closer collaboration can achieve full end-to-end visibility for all parties throughout the cash cycle.

Convergence of Cash Technology

Central Banks Monetizing Gold: Why?

We need an alternative global currency to FX. FX payments transfers an obligation, but does not retire a foreign external debt obligation for a country. We are still exposed to FX risks and cannot guarantee a FX deal to mitigate our risks as per our preference as Central Banks. But we maintain FX reserves as it is the best solution for now.

A solution entails for countries: FX portfolio diversification with an asset that has zero credit risk, highly liquid globally accepted and has stood the test of time. The way forward is to have physical gold holding reserves and to monetize it in times of emergencies. It works faster and more efficient than FX reserves.

We learn why through a case study.

Best practices in coin procurement process

Mint of Finland is a coin and blank manufacturing service provider with global sales to over 40 countries on four continents over the past two decades. This innovation session summarizes the key takeaways from their extensive export experience. Mint of Finland Ltd. will walk you through the best practices in the coin procurement process. The presentation will cover key elements of both the technical specifications and the contractual terms and conditions. The objective is to provide you with some practical advice how to make your next coin procurement process more efficient.

How to Reduce Your ATM Costs

Learn how you can reduce your ATM and Branch management costs by simply using Sargent and Greenleaf’s NEW A-Series with Display lock. A-Series with Display features a new standard for security. Protect your assets and your people with a faster, easier, more secure Safe lock, all while eliminating manual code generation, thus reducing your overall total cost of ownership. With no annual software fees, A-Series with Display delivers industry–leading technology and design at an exceptional value.